Life Over 50

Life Over 50 · 07. March 2024
I've been keeping track of my daily state of mind on the Apple Health App.
Life Over 50 · 26. January 2024
I've been feeling like I need a manual to navigate midlife so I decided to create one and document the process here.
Life Over 50 · 25. September 2023
I had a moment in the shower I need to tell you about. *First published in the Merritt Herald on September 14, 2023.*
Life Over 50 · 04. May 2023
Change happens gradually, then suddenly. Are you noticing?
Life Over 50 · 25. April 2023
It's all about nepo babies, what about nepo mamas?
Life Over 50 · 20. April 2023
Are we in the middle of a shift in the world? We need to choose care over scare.
Life Over 50 · 13. June 2022
I went for a walk the other day and some guy asked me if I knew how to use a scythe.
Life Over 50 · 12. May 2022
Do we always want what we don't have? I've been thinking about this a lot, lately.
Life Over 50 · 30. March 2022
February and March went by in a blur, but not a pleasant blur. I can report that I'm still furious.
Life Over 50 · 09. February 2022
Text messages with adult children, part 2.

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