Life Over 50 · 04. May 2023
Change happens gradually, then suddenly. Are you noticing?
Creating · 30. April 2023
In late 2015, when I was apparently eating a lot of sandwiches, I started drawing on them with mustard. I love mustard. I called it mustart.

In Short · 25. April 2023
It's all about nepo babies, what about nepo mamas?
Life Over 50 · 20. April 2023
Are we in the middle of a shift in the world? We need to choose care over scare.
Life Over 50 · 13. June 2022
I went for a walk the other day and some guy asked me if I knew how to use a scythe.
Life Over 50 · 12. May 2022
Do we always want what we don't have? I've been thinking about this a lot, lately.
A Simply Good Website
Business Strategy · 07. May 2022
A Simply Good Website is a must-have for your business and will make you less dependent on social media. Do business on your terms.

Keeping It All Together
Business Strategy · 26. April 2022
What if you had all the documents you need to run, grow, and sell your business in one place? A place you have access to from anywhere, anytime? It's not sorcery, it's the Business MasterFile.

Taking Care Of Business
Business Care · 06. April 2022
Self-care mindset, boundaries, and mindfulness are all part of taking care of business, or more aptly, business care. I've created the guide the Simply Good Business Care, so you won't be left behind when your business takes off.

Life Over 50 · 30. March 2022
February and March went by in a blur, but not a pleasant blur. I can report that I'm still furious.

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