Hi, I'm Kerstin

I'm a business coach, writer, reformed grudge holder, and knitter. I've been called a relief to work with, a true professional, and a huge asset by some; I've also been called a total pain in the a$$, but I'm thinking those are not my people. The most important thing I have learned in life is to always question authority, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


I've been self-employed most of my adult life and while I have the occasional hot minute when I crave a 9-5 employed life with an extended healthcare plan, I know it's not what I'm made for. After more than 10 years of running Auer Freelance & Consulting I'm completely un-employable.


Since 2011 I've been coaching clients, creating content, and helping small businesses and non-profits with strategic planning and websites. Working behind the scenes and empowering others to shine in the spotlight is my zone of genius. Don't even ask me to speak in front of a group or be the life of a party. That will be a hard NO.


When I'm not working with clients or creating knitting patterns and knit art, I'm busy minimizing my possessions and building up my yarn stash {no, that's not a contradiction at all}, and drinking Starbucks Blonde Flat White {2% milk, no sugar - just in case you need to know}.