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From vetting your business idea to defining your core and business values, to developing a sustainable strategic plan - it sounds supremely boring, but it's what it takes to be a business owner who does not fly by the seat of their pants. I've created five workbooks to get you there step by step. Realistically, you'll download them and add them to your folder of doom that will need its own Google Drive subscription soon because it's chock full of resources you downloaded and never used. But go ahead, sign up for my email list and get them all for free. I'll be right here waiting for you to prove me wrong.


*If you want to start with something even lighter that won't eat up your digital storage capacity, I've got a 31-Day Roadmap to Simply Good Business delivered to you as an easy-peasy 5-part email course for a quick win.*

Your Business in a Nutshell


Your idea is vetted, your target market defined, and you're ready to let the world {or at least your bank} know the details of your business. You need a clear plan for making your business dreams come true.


The strategic plan, your business in a nutshell, is the document that will win over banks and investors {or Aunt Betty, because she’s a sceptical one} and pave the way for business success. Or it will bring you to your knees and you'll go back to being employed full-time - but at least you'll know.


From mission, vision, market and competition analysis to pricing, regulations and licensing, suppliers, finances, and more, this comprehensive 27-page pdf will guide you to a solid strategic plan sure to impress anyone who reviews it.

Is it time for a checkup?


As your business evolves and grows it's important to check your strategic plan on a regular basis. Your business strategy is not a set-it-and-forget-it kind of deal. If you think it's once and done you have a surprise coming your way, and it's not the good kind you can expect from a Kinder Surprise Egg {has anyone ever thought to put more chocolate into the middle, instead of some crappy toy?}. 


You might already have that sinking feeling that something is off and that could be because you're still doing business like it's 2019. That's where the Strategy Check comes in - you get clear on your core values, your business values, and your purpose. Then, you’ll use them as a filter for your business strategy, and make adjustments as needed.


This guide will walk you through all those steps, from defining your values to applying the filter, and finding out where you have work to do. And I'm here if you need me and want to actually get serious about it


It starts with you.


You have a business idea, and you are not sure where to start. Is it the next "ok, boomer" idea, however short-lived, or is it so far off the mark that even Elon Musk would not touch it with a stick? That's where the Startup Guide comes in, to walk you through the basics step by step.


Define your core and business values, get clear on your purpose, and then use this information as a filter for your business idea, and for defining things like “whatever it takes”.


This guide will take you through the steps you have to take before you even think of writing a strategic business plan. It's always easier to come to the realization that your idea is crap by yourself, I've done this several time and have saved myself beaucoup bucks in the process.


Who do you serve?


You've established that your business idea is not crap. You went through the Startup Guide and now you're all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to change the world of business with your idea that absolutely everybody needs and will love. 


Except that not everybody will need and love it. Unless you suddenly have the monopoly on air or water, you have to define your target market.


You need a clear picture of which market your business will serve, if there even is a market, and where you can find that market. It’s one of the foundations of your business and strategic plan, and even if you're feeling bitter about one thing or the other - not only do you have to define your market, but you also need to know why people should buy from you and how it will make their life better or save a problem they have. 


Connect with your customers


Your marketing plan is part of your strategic plan, and it's often a problem for {new and established} business owners - because "other people spend amazingly little time thinking about you" ~ Peter Bowerman. I know this must come as a shock, but it's time to be honest with yourself. Whether you want to establish or upgrade your marketing, you can use this guide. 


Many business owners don't allocate a budget to marketing, whether it be on a monthly basis or for start-up, because "I'll just post about it on Facebook a few times" or "nobody reads the newspaper anyway" or "I just don't have money for this" or "I don't like tooting my own horn".


If you've read all the way to here my evil plan to suck you in with my witty copywriting on this website is working - and I'm ready to let you in on a little secret: to reach your target audience, you need to either spend time or spend money. You can do both, but you have to do at least one, and either one part of your marketing plan.

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