A Moment in the Shower

I had a moment in the shower last week I need to tell you about. Not a good or juicy moment, I’m afraid. I turned on the water and was trying to pull the diverter to divert the water from the tub spout to the shower head, and it was stuck. When that happens I usually just turn the water off and on again, and that seems to do the trick. Not this time, because I could not remember how to turn the water off. I moved the faucet handle back and forth a bit and tried to push it, but the water kept running. I stood there, looking at the faucet, trying to remember how to operate it and my mind went completely blank.


I called my husband and told him that I think the faucet is broken and cannot be turned off. He turned the handle all the way to the right and the water was off. Then he looked at me and said: “I thought I was the one losing my mind, what’s going on with you?” I was stunned and didn’t know what to say (which almost never happens!) and I’ve been thinking about that moment ever since. 

It’s one thing to forget an appointment, birthday, or even someone’s name - but how to turn off a faucet? That’s not really something I have to remember, that’s something I know. It’s almost like a reflex, I do it without thinking about it. Maybe that was the problem, that I stopped and thought about it?


My husband fixed the diverter and I finished my shower but I was completely spooked. Just shocked that this happened to me. Wondering if it was the first sign of dementia because what else could it be? (Why is it that we always think about the worst case scenario first?) Next I wondered how long it would take before I could not write or drive or work anymore - and then I gave my head a shake and decided I was being overly dramatic and that it was probably just a glitch in my system, a temporary lapse due to being overworked and stressed. I’m happy to report that I’ve taken several showers since then without any problems. I will keep you updated about any future glitches - if I remember.