My husband and I got our booster shots yesterday and in anticipation of feeling crappy I planned on resting this weekend. I'm actually not feeling too bad, my arm is sore and I'm hurting a bit overall. I'm unequivocally pro-vaccine, but I don't think I will get another shot unless they come up with a plan that makes sense. Like a once-a-year shot in conjunction with the flu shot maybe? It just does not make sense to me that you would get the same vaccine over and over again for something that keeps mutating.


Vaccine mandates and health orders are still top of discussion, almost two years into the pandemic. And I feel a lot better when I just stay in my own bubble and mind my own business, literally and figuratively. Because the only person I am in charge of is myself and the only actions I can control are my own. Looking at the news and seeing how about 10% of the population are being ridiculous just pisses me off. Living in a society and wanting to take advantage of all the perks and benefits comes with responsibilities, and one of those responsibilities - an ethical obligation, really - is to follow public health mandates and get vaccinated, that's how I feel and that's what I do. And that's where the puck stops {look at me making hockey references} and I'm not getting into any discussions with anyone. That's what I believe and what I do, the end. I love my bubble and minding my own business.


BTW, that's also what Beth Dutton would do. She puts other people's well-being over her own and does what needs to be done to protect them. She enjoys the perks of modern life and drives that sweet little black Benz, even though her dad goes around saying he's the opposite of progress and things will always stay the same in Montana. But his ass was saved in a modern hospital after all, right? Pretty sure the Duttons are all vaccinated, because they know and respect how a society works.


In other news, we're celebrating our 14-year Canadaversary today. And when I say celebrate I mean we said Happy Canada Eve to each other in our family group chat this morning, that's about it. Our youngest is working and our oldest and his fiancee are also resting after their boosters yesterday. Always a good day to think back to how it all started in the True North Strong and Free 14 years ago and how far we've come. 


Where do we go from here? I don't know what's going to happen or whether this pandemic shit show will continue to escalate or calm down; I'm not here to educate anyone or convince anyone of anything; I'm also not here to be convinced by anyone - I believe what I believe and I'm doing what I can every day to be the best version of myself and continue to learn and grow. And knit. Continue to knit for sure, that's the stuff of happiness right there.