Keeping It All Together

Running a business comes with the occasional hot minute where you feel like you don't have it all together, right? Right. It's inevitable. Tasks stacking up, emails, phone calls {the nerve!}, tech issues - it happens. Usually all at once. Like I said, it's inevitable. And it passes eventually, because it always does. That's the life of an entrepreneur and we love it, right? Rigggggght. 


What we don't love - what *I* don't love, and I am sure you don't either - is situations that could have been avoided with a bit of planning and preparation. Because you know that you'll need your business registration when you open up a new bank account, and you know that you need your password when you want to download your supplier invoices, and you know that this one client really appreciates a yearly birthday card - and dropping the ball in any of those situations is completely avoidable.


It's not sorcery, it's called the Business MasterFile. A workshop, a guide, a template {call it whatever you want} to get every important aspect of your business organized. Once and done {update reminders included}.

The Business MasterFile is a series of pdfs you can download once purchased; start with the prep and set up your Google Drive and scanning app {Google Drive and Scanner Pro app are used as examples, but if you're a Dropbox gal, by all means, go for it}, and then follow the template for eight different categories before putting the cherry on top by creating your Business Emergency Plan. Boom.


The eight categories covered are Legal, Insurance, Finances {you can get a free sample of the Financial MasterFile by opting in here}, Strategy, Employees, Vendors, Clients, and Accounts. The eight category pdfs and the Emergency Plan pdf are fillable, and also have a list of items to gather and scan for safekeeping in your Business MasterFile


Yes, I'm biased, but I think having all your important business documents and business info in one place is essential. Essential for running, growing, and selling your business. Imagine how impressed banks, associations, and the next owner of your company will be when you flash the Business MasterFile!

But wait, there is more

I get so excited about a well-organized business that I almost forgot to tell you about a really fun feature. Because I know that not everyone literally claps their hands together in excitement like I do when it comes to implementing systems in their business. The really fun feature? Drink pairings. Yup, that's right. I researched and selected the perfect drink to go with each of the categories. But not just one drink - you can choose from beer, wine, cocktail, mocktail, and tea for each category. Seriously. As if setting your business up for success was not already exciting enough. Drink pairings to boot - including links to the recipes for cocktails and mocktails, because organization and planning.


You can get in on the excitement {and the drinks} by downloading the Business MasterFile, or by getting a free sample {of the Financial MasterFile, and the delicious drink pairings} when you opt into my email list. Cheers!